Monday, July 31, 2006

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works -

I am picky when it comes to products from this store. Not so much by choice, but due to scents that bring on dreaded migraines. For the longest time I loved only Warm Vanilla Sugar. Not anymore. I am mainly a C.O. Bigelow girl and I use the Temptations line.

I love the C.O. Bigelow Lemon Body Cream. It is really nice and thick. The lemon scent does not hang around long, which is fine. It is very moisturizing and is a really great product. It is rather on the pricey side $24.00 a jar, so I usually stock up when it is on sale. Another great product from C.O. Bigelow is the Rosemary Mint or the Grapefruit body lotion. This lotion is not as thin as some lotions and I use it when I give manicures and pedicures to my clients. They are both great scents to use and are very nourishing. They are around $14.00 a bottle.

I have become a MAJOR Tutti Dolci diva and have fallen in love with their Lemon Meringue souffle, but this product is to be discontinued (or so the rumor is). I hate that because I just discovered this scent at the last semi-annual sale and I have been calling every BBW outlet in the states stocking up on the souffle and the lipgloss (yes, crazy I know, but if you keep items in a cool dark place, they will last). Plus, at the rate I am going, I will get through this stash in no time at all. I need to find another prodcut to replace this one with whenever I do run out. But maybe BBW will get enough complaints that they will do some change up to the packaging and lower the price and bring this items back.

I also love, love, love the Antibacterial foam soaps. The only scent I care for is the White Tea & Ginger. This is an amazing scent. I highly recommend this one. It is a nice clean scent (which I am fond of) and is not overpowering like some of the other scents in that line.

This year I was also introduced to the Temptations line that BBW has. I fell in love with the Pomegranate Martini body lotion, body spray and 3 in 1. They have two other scents that didn't work well on me, but that is why they make different scents :)

That is about it for my review of BBW. I will post more later as I discover new scents or items.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Laughing Out Loud Candles - LOL Candles

Laughing Out Loud Candles -

I was first introduced to this wonderful etailer when I received a couple of Allison's tarts in a swap. I had not been introduced to tarts until then, and I have been hooked everysince. They are much better than regular candles. You can use either an electric tart burner (which I suggest as it is safer) or a tart burner that requires a tea light candle. These tarts come in a variety of sizes and styles. There are heart shaped (my preference), regular scalloped, and in a clam shell that contains 6 squares that you break apart and use as many as you need. The Clam Shell tarts are a good way to sample new scents (the price is 2.99 for the package), and easy to control the amount of tart you burn. I am also a fan of the Clam Shells tarts.

While not every scent I have ordered or received as samples in my order, have worked for me, but I have found more that work than those that didn't. I suffer from migraines, and the tarts that are in Blue are the ones that have worked well with me and do not cause migraines. Other's listed below either were not for me, or were too strong and I could not burn them. That is why there is such a wonderful selection. Something for everyone.

Apple Brown Sugar Bake-Warm baked apples with brown sugar crumb topping.

Cinnamon Buns-Fresh baked, WARM cinnamon bun drizzled with icing... Mmmm right outta the oven goodness!

Coconut Cream Pie-A rich, creamy vanilla base with notes of coconut, butter, with a hint of fresh baked.

Cousin Bud’s Biscuit-Every Sunday, our family visits the local diner for breakfast. It's a time when all of our family can get together and share our stories and laugh about any and everything. My Cousin Bud demands the diner's "House Special." They are famous for this special and Cousin Bud calls it, "his slice of divine heaven." You can smell the aroma of a freshly baked biscuit straight from the oven drowning in rich homemade blackberry preserves swirled with a slice of churned butter. We do warn you that this fragrance may induce hunger. Once you try this fragrance you will see why Cousin Bud calls it his "slice of divine heaven."

Downy Vanilla Lavender- Relaxing and tranquil, amazingly just like the fabric softener.

Family Gatherings-A warm buttery baked spicy fruity scent that reminds you of all the baked goods at a family gathering! This scent has top notes of mulled fruit and spice-berry blended with apple cinnamon topped with sweet clove and vanilla.

Flap Jacks-Major pancake house here! Complete with maple syrup on top! WOW!

French Crumb Cake-sweet crumb cake with notes of sweet coffee, cream and sugar blended with the soft milky essences of maple and vanilla.

French Vanilla Coffee-Our house blend of French Vanilla Mixed perfectly with Fresh Brewed Coffee.

Nutty Banana Bread-Warm just out of the oven baked banana bread with hints of walnuts.

Pink Sugar Buttercream-*BEST SELLER*-Pink Sugar whipped together with buttercream = heavenly bliss!

Pumpkin Crunch Cake-Creamy pumpkin pie filling with rich condensed milk; surrounded with freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice.

Pumpkin Pie Filling-Like canned filling, sweet and creamy scent with a hint of spices.

Raspberry Zinger-Just like a Hostess Raspberry Cream filled Zinger!

Rose Garden-Take a walk into this fabulous smelling rose garden. The truest, strongest rose scent we’ve found!

Tahitian Vanilla Spice-Wonderfully warm blend of buttery vanilla and spices.

Tequila Lime-Great Lime scent with just that extra little something.

Toasted Marshmallow-The aroma of marshmallows toasted over a campfire.

Triple Coconut Cake-This is a custom scent that was requested by Nikole L. from Arkansas. She was looking for a delicious coconut cake scent & wanted to mix Birthday Cake w/ our Coconut scent & I must say, this was a FABULOUS blend! Smells so good & delish~ we’re glad she thought this one up! Thanks Nikole Ü

Vaniglia Del Madagascar A rich blend of Madagascar Vanilla Orchid and Vanilla Bean with a sensual amber background. An irresistible fragrance, this is heady, luscious and very sexy stuff!

Vanilla Bean Noel- A BBW duplicate.

Vanilla Hazelnut-A delicious combination of sweet rich vanilla and fresh hazelnuts

Samples received in orders

7 Up Pound Cake- buttery pound cake with notes of vanilla and almond, with top notes of 7 up, brown sugar and roasted pecans.

Brown Sugar-A warm and cozy aroma of fresh Brown Sugar.

Cookies & Cream-A sinfully delicious cookie scent! A sweet sugary aroma of a fresh baked sugar cookie with a background of chocolate.

Green Apple Caramel Crunch-Dearest friend Trina made up this fab concoction, our mouth watering green apple & caramelized pralines.

Caramel Velvet Crème-Buttery caramel with velvety vanilla cream

Birthday Cake-The delicious & SWEET aroma of a birthday cake!

Creamy Caramel-Silky & sinful creamy caramel.

Vanilla Wafers-Delicious crunchy wafer cookie with a melt in your mouth vanilla icing. Very yummy!

Marshmallow Marmalade-Delicious orange marmalade topped with gooey marshmallows.

Froot Loops- Smells just like the cereal :)

Sweet Potato Pie A rich combination of candied yams, marshmallow cream, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange zest’s, and a splash of lemon, in a warm buttery southern crust.

Iced Carrot Cake-Delicious warm, moist carrot cake with a sinful melt in your mouth, cream cheese icing, very yummy!

Pink Peppercorn-Blends of blackberry, plum, raspberry and apple. With middle notes of cinnamon, violet, clove, jasmine, a smidge of carnation and a hint of wild flowers. The base notes are vanilla spice, sandalwood and a wonderful dry musk.

Apple Torta - Tutti Dolci, BBW Type - A Cafe Italiano exclusive scent. A rich blend of baked apple mingled with toffee, cinnamon and nutmeg, layered on top of rich brown sugar.

Bakers Vanilla Pudding-STRONG, creamy, smooth vanilla pudding.

Caramel Turtle Brownies-Get ready to drool. This Chocolate aroma with Caramel and Nuts is a delectable treat.

Better Than Sex Cake – no longer available

Cinnamon Streusel

Spiced Almond Poundcake – no longer available

Tropical Vanilla Paradise – no longer available

Crater Lake Company

Crater Lake Company –

After seeing so many post on the MUA website regarding this Etailer, I had to break down and purchase. First off, Sharonn has the most amazing customer service. All of the Etailer's I have ordered from have had amazing customer service. To me, this is a top priority, on top of having great products. Sharonn has an amazing selection of different blends that just blow you away. She is also more than happy to create a custom blend (as she did for me) and I just can not say enough about her. There are some scents that didn't work for me, as well as bases, but that is why there are different products for everyone.

Buttercream Frosting (Best Seller): A nice light buttery vanilla scent that works well in any of our bases. True to its name, this is the scent that reminds you of icing piled high on a cake that you just can’t wait to dive into!

Buttercream Daydream (Another CLC Creation ~ Best Seller): Velvety soft vanilla with a very subtle undercurrent of almond extract, this yellow cake accord with the creamiest buttercream icing is to die for! Buttercream, in its sweet simplicity, gives this scent its coziness and warmth. Think made from scratch buttercream that's so thick it won't fall off a bowl hanging upside down and you just can't wait to lick the spoon so hurry up and give it to me already goodness and you've got a pretty good idea of just how gorgeous this scent really is!

Calypso Lime (Another CLC Creation): Yeah mon! Yeah mon! Fizzy lemon and lime gets a serious dose of sunshine with the addition of tropical fruits. Mangoes, papayas and guavas join the party to create this refreshing island quencher. Like the infectious rhythm of calypso music, this scent will have your nose dancing up a storm in no time!

Catch Me A Dream (Another CLC Creation ~ Best Seller): Sun-dried, crisp linens kissed by a summer breeze carrying the scent of peach blossoms! If you love the smell of clean laundry, give this scent a try. It’s a romantic and playful twist on your favorite fresh linen scent. This is a very popular scent choice for our All-Over Body, Hair & Linen Mist.

Fig Tea and Cucumber (Best Seller): Nothing imparts clean the way this scent does! Absolutely refreshing and delightful! Top notes of steeped black tea leaves accented beautifully by fig’s sharp and deep sugary notes. What you get on the first sniff is a burst of freshness that leads the way to a deeper, woodsy base. Cucumber’s distinctively fresh and airy scent rounds out the fragrance, lending it a clean, smooth character.

Linen Sugar(Another CLC Creation): This fragrance is a perfect balance of candy sweetness and linen clean. Crisp, sun-dried linen spun together by wisps of cotton candy thread and studded with citrus candy beads. Top notes of clean cotton blossom lead to a heart of spun sugar enhanced by a bouquet of sweet citrus notes. Like beads glinting in the sun, sweet candy notes play hide and seek throughout the fragrance finally coming to rest on the most delectable dry down. This fragrance evolves and gets sweeter in time. Characterized by the scent of clean linen at the onset, its playful sweetness becomes more apparent as it evolves to its dry down.

Princess Vaniglia of Buttercream Island(Another CLC Creation)I Dream of Buttercream Collection: Yet another Beth “Buttercream” creation! Ladies and gentlemen…I proudly present to you Princess Vaniglia of Buttercream Island (*applause*). This scent is royalty for the nose indeed. An artful blending of Madagascar Vaniglia, the island’s gold, with our almost famous

Buttercream Daydream sniff, this is a gourmand type of fragrance that’s ravishingly delicious. The addition of Vaniglia gives this scent a lovely and sophisticated air that will make those around you bow to your every whim and fancy!

Walking on Moonbeams (Another CLC Creation ~ Best Seller): Shhhh…don’t make a sound. Angels sprinkle the scent of soft white florals, musk and baby powder to carry us to our most restful sleep. Guided by the light of the moon, they tiptoe on fluffy clouds made of the softest angel food cake with marshmallow frosting to spread this heavenly scent. This fragrance is an unexpected blend of comforting angel food cake laced with the powdery floral scent of Moonlit Rendezvous. Simple vanilla notes and an extra infusion of white floral blossoms lull us into the deepest slumber.

Fresh Winds: Just as its name depicts, this fragrance is reminiscent of driving in a convertible with the top down and the wind blowing through your hair. Fun, fresh, breezy and clean, this scent captures the cool wind that carries the fragrance of the greenest grass, field flowers and fruit blossoms. Light kisses of cotton blossom weave intricately throughout the scent giving it its airy and clean quality.

Creamy Vanilla (Best Seller): Luxuriously smooth, our Creamy Vanilla is like slipping into the softest pair of silk pajamas. Mellow, with soft buttery whispers, it’s nice, light scent that’s perfect alone or as a mixer. Supports other notes beautifully making it a perfect base or as a modifier to make single note scents or accords creamier and smoother.

Papaya Boat (Another CLC Creation): Hop aboard the Papaya Boat to an island where friendly smiles and carefree days is a way of life! We tested, oh…four papaya scents, before finding this treasure! The base is the most realistic papaya scent, ever. It’s papaya at its most succulent and sweetest glory! Infusions of guava nectar and banana make this fragrance even more irresistible. Whether this fragrance evokes memories of Mexico, the Philippines or any other tropical escape, it’s simply guaranteed to bring a little sunshine into your day. This one’s for you Michelle!!!

Orange Peel: Fun and exciting, this is a strong invigorating scent that’s sure to get you going. This scent is reminiscent of how the air around you is scented and the lingering fragrance on your fingers after you peel an orange

Custom Blends: Sharonn was kind enough to crate a scent for me that just screams summer. She came through and during the first try! Amazing is all I can say. I will post more regarding this two scents soon.

Tea My Sweet

White Tea & Citrus

Wylde Ivy - Lotion/Scrubs

Wylde Ivy All Olive Lotion and Sugar Scrubs

All Olive Body Lotion

Bella Vanille: A beautiful, pure Vanilla blend. This is a very creamy, rich fantasy vanilla fragrance.

Blackberry Cotton Candy: Juicy ripe Blackberries bursting with flavor mixed with sweet pink Cotton Candy makes an outstanding combo and a bestseller!

Chocolate Charade: What do you get when Chocolate dresses up and pretends to be a perfume? You get a rich smokey blend of bitter cocoa, raw vanilla, and exotic Sandalwood.

Daydreamer: Sweet berries with a whisper of musk and clean floral notes, this is the scent of sweetness and innocence at it’s best. This is a very airy, fresh scent while still being sweet and alluring.

Pure Sugar: A blending of all things sweet, white sugar, brown sugar, buttercream frosting, vanilla ice-cream, and cake batter!

Spa Blend: This is a clean, sweet, and fresh blend of peach and citrus fruits as well as a hint of rose and orange blossom and the slight tang of fresh ginger. *Slightly sharper smelling in bath and body products compared to the scent in soap.*

Sticky: If you loved brightly colored sugar candy, giant swirled lollipops, and sticky cotton candy as a child, this is the scent for you. A blending of spun sugar, candied fruits, and a hint of sweet vanilla.

Sugar Cake: Sugar Cake is a blend of Vanilla Cookies, Yellow Cake, and sweet Cane Sugar. This blend is a must for bakery scent lovers!

Unscented: The same great All Olive Lotion, now available in an unscented formula.

Sugared Body Polish

Sticky Sugared Body Polish: If you loved brightly colored sugar candy, giant swirled lollipops, and sticky cotton candy as a child, this is the scent for you. A blending of spun sugar, candied fruits, and a hint of sweet vanilla.

Chocolate Mint Crème Shea and Sugar Scrub: A very rich, creamy Chocolate Mint blend that is a touch heavier on the Mint then the Chocolate.

Royal Honey Brulee

Chocolate Fatale: If you love chocolate, this is the scent for you! Chocolate Fatale is all about rich, bitter, dark chocolate

Wylde Ivy - Aroma Melts (Tarts)

Aroma Melts - Tarts

Ashlee has some amazing tarts. These can be found on the website under the "Home" section of the website. I will have the list of scents that I have tried and the description from the website. I will mark the ones that I love in Red and the comments on all are in Green.

Warm Flannel Sheets: What is better then jumping into warm flannel sheets on a cold night? This is a fantastic clean laundry smell.

Sandcastles: An extremely unique fragrance that reminds us of a vacation beach house. Coconut, Ginger, and Citrus fruits combine to create an incredibly fresh, dreamlike fragrance.

Lemon Cheese Danish: A mouthwatering blend of tart lemons, rich cream cheese, danish crust, and a thick sugar glaze. Lemon lovers, do not pass this one up!

Coconut Cream: Smooth, rich, and creamy, Coconut Cream Pie filling.

Simple Pleasures: A soft, but room filling fragrance, full of simple goodness. A very complex and clean scent, with just a touch of astringent tea.

Feather Bed: One of the most beautiful “clean” scents I’ve come across. Imagine clean pressed linens, a touch of fabric softener, a sparkle of citrus peel, and just a whisp of white petals.

Blackberry Cotton Candy: Ripe and juicy blackberries mixed with sugary pink cotton candy.

Banana Cake: A scrumptious, homemade Banana Cake with a touch of spice and a heavy Cream Cheese Frosting!

Blueberry Muffin: Imagine waking up to hot Blueberry Muffins in the morning! This is a very strong and true scent…you can really smell the tartness of the blueberries along with the sweet muffin batter.

Dark Chocolate Cream: A chocolate lover’s dream come true! This scent blends dark chocolate frosting, rich chocolate cake, and rich coconut cream. A super strong thrower, this will make your mouth water!

Crystal Blue: A clean, cool unisex water type scent. This scent really adds a freshness to your home with an almost spa-like twist.

Maple Crunch Sweet: Rich Maple Syrup with a slight hint of nut clusters

Pantry Door: Ok, this scent doesn't actually smell like a door! It's reminiscent of standing in the doorway of an old farmhouse pantry and smelling all the good baking spices and sugars inside. It is a very unique fragrance with top notes of brown sugar, dried apples, and spices.

North Star: If you are a fan of warm and spicy country type scents, this one is for you! I blended this one for my husband with all of his favorite scents…spiced oranges, cinnamon, apple peel, cranberries, fresh clove, and a touch of smooth vanilla

French Vanilla: A creamy rich and irresistible blend of Vanilla. This is a Vanilla lover’s heaven.

Tuscan Garden: If you are a fan of warm and spicy country type scents, this one is for you! I blended this one for my husband with all of his favorite scents…spiced oranges, cinnamon, apple peel, cranberries, fresh clove, and a touch of smooth vanilla

Cinnamon Rolls: Steaming hot Cinnamon Rolls, topped with a sugar glaze. You just may need to keep a tube of premade cinnamon rolls on hand in case of emergency cravings.

Angel Food: A very true, sticky sweet Angel Food Cake

Island Sensation: Start with sweet ripe coconut, throw in some mangos, and a little cream and you have yourself an Island Sensation!

Sun Dried Linen: You know we just can’t get enough of clean fresh laundry scents around here! This is a very sophisticated, pressed linen type scent with just a hint of outdoor breeze and citrus rind.

Sugar & Spice: Warm sugared baked goods with just a touch of grounding spice.

Sweet Pumpkin Kiss: Sugared Pumpkin mixes with whisps of spice for an irresistible scent!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Wylde Ivy - Perfume EDP/Spritzer/Body Oil

Wylde Ivy Perfume EDP, Spritzer's and Dry Body Oil Mist

Ashlee, as I have mentioned, has amazing products. Another line that she offers is Perfume EDP's, Perfume Spritzer's and Dry Oil Body Mist. I love the EDP's and the Spritzer's. The jury is still out on the Dry Oil Body Mist. While this is not a bad proudct, it is just not one that works for me.

Note: The descriptions below are from the Wylde Ivy website. I will add my comments in Blue
Below are the scents that I have tried. The ones in Green are the ones that I highly recommend.

Baby Cakes Perfume: This sweet, yet sexy scent is light and airy enough to be perfect for hot summer months! Based on the new popularity of Candy type fragrances, we’ve blended Cotton Candy, Oranges, Grapefruit, and Raspberries with a touch of Musk, Vanilla, and a sweet floral to make this scent very unique. Baby Cakes is suitable for both the adult and young at heart in us all! (as much as I wanted this scent to work on me, it just didn't. I have the strangest body chemistry. This is a wonderful scent and you can really smell the different scents in the perfume)

Blackberry Cotton Candy: Juicy ripe Blackberries bursting with flavor mixed with sweet pink Cotton Candy makes an outstanding combo. (This is an amazing scent. One of my favorites. This is a very sweet scent, but not so much that you can't handle it).

Bliss: Our version of the popular “Lovespell” perfume. A sunny citrus fragrance sweetened with a touch of Strawberries, Apples, and Peaches and deepened with smooth musk and sweet floral Rose. (This is no longer available. I have never smelled the original Lovespell perfume, but this is a wonderful scent).

Blush: Sweet summer berries, combined with sweet sugar, a dash of vanilla, and just a hint of musk. This is a very airy, fresh scent. (This scent in the sample vial was wonderful. I have a problem with musk at tiems, so this one did not work on me very well).

Daydreamer: Sweet berries with a whisper of musk and clean floral notes, this is the scent of sweetness and innocence at it’s best. (This is my FAVORITE scent from Wylde Ivy. This is an amazing clean scent. There is not too much of anything in the perfume. Just a PERFECT blend of all the notes listed above). Highly Recommended

Fairy Wings: A beautiful, soft fruit blend of Strawberry and sweet Orange, combined with smooth Vanilla Bean and Musk notes. This is a very pretty, feminine fragrance. (This was another great scent that smelled wonderful in the sample vial, but not so good on me).

Frivolous Perfume: Sparkling notes of Pears and Zesty Lemons mellowed and toned by the sultry scent of Amber. This scent screams summer fun! (This scent did not work for me at all. I don't know if it was the combination of Pears and Lemons or exactly what. I smelled mostly Lemon in this and it just was not for me).

Ice Princess: Ice Princess is a sweet, sugary blend with a smooth mint cream base. This is a truly unique fragrance. (If you like sweet, minty scents, this one is for you. It is a very unique scent, but a very wearable scent).

Irresistible: A Valentine’s Day inspired fragrance! Irresistible is a sweet sparkling blend that doesn’t sacrifice sophisticated appeal. Top notes of sugar open up to a heart of cranberry and ending with a hint of vanilla bean, musk, sandalwood, and fresh blossoms. This is a fragrance that actually smells "red"! (This was a great scent. In fact, I honestly can't remember if this was one that I loved and just didn't order. I have a tendency to order and then try all the samples at once and then not remembering what was where).

Pink Chiffon: If you could smell the color pink, this would be it! Not overly floral but not too much fruit either, the scent is a perfect blend of summer Melons, sweet white floral, and Mimosa. A must try! (I think this was another that I tried at several times with other scents. The best I can remember this was one that I really liked, but since I can not remember, I did not put this in Green).

Pretty In Peach: Pretty in Peach is a beautiful soft and fresh, feminine blend of Sweet Georgia Peaches, delicate white petals, and pink ozone notes. Not at all a straight peach, this is a very unique scent that is perfectly suited to be worn as a perfume. (No longer available) (I have this in the Perfume Oil and not the EDP. I really love this scent. It is a great scent for summer, and I was disappointed when it was removed and is not longer available. This is a very, very true peach scent. Not too green and not overly sweet. To be honest, it was like eating a fresh peach from the tree).

Santa Ana for Her: Well woman just swooned over our Men’s line fragrance Santa Ana so much so that we decided to do a blend just for the ladies. Even though Santa Ana could easily be a unisex fragrance, we took it a step further and toned it down with just a touch of Rose and Vanilla. (This perfume was great on me, it was just too strongly scented. I have major migraine issues, and this one was one that I just could not wear, no matter how little I applied or the way I applied it). Highly Recommended

Sheer Musk: Inspired by the warm, fresh days of spring we are all waiting for, Sheer Musk is a lighthearted blend of light musk, sheer petals, a dash of vanilla and sweet fruit. This scent will make you want to shed your winter coats and go shopping for sandals! (Another musk scent that did not work with my body chemistry. In the vial, it is great, very true to the description above).

Sticky: If you loved brightly colored sugar candy, giant swirled lollipops, and sticky cotton candy as a child, this is the scent for you. A blending of spun sugar, candied fruits, and a hint of sweet vanilla. (This scent was not for me at all. It actually was very, very sweet smelling and almost too much. I know that people smell scents differently, so even though this didn't work for me, it could very easily work for you).

Such a Flirt: A sweet, musky scent with hints of Orange Zest, neroli, Black Current, Rose, Blackberries, and Jasmine. Despite the floral notes, this is not a heavy floral scent. A very "lighthearted" fragrance that is just "flirty"! (This is another one that I honestly can not remember as I was trying several samples at once).

Sweet Serendipity: This beautifully soft and sweet musk blends fruits like Kiwi, Strawberries, and Oranges with a touch of sweet floral, Musk, Vanilla, and Amber. (This is a great blend of scents. Even with the Musk and the Amber, I was able to wear this scent). Highly recommended.

Sweet Side: A complex but very feminine fragrance. Fruity notes combine with a soft floral musk. (This is another one that was tried at the same time as other's. The best I can remember it was one that I really enjoyed, just have not purchased).

Whispers: A very complex blend with top notes of vanilla musk, middle notes of soft berries, and finally a dry down of sheer white petals. This is not an overwhelming floral, but a beautiful, feminine blend of all notes. (Again, another one that I tried at the same time as other's. The best I can remember I loved this one too, just have not purchased).

Wylde Vanilla: An exotic, earthy vanilla blend we are really proud of! A blend of fresh moist vanilla beans and earthy Patchouli create a sexy, feminine scent that is swoon worthy! (This one I did buy in the EDP and it just didn't not work on me. I believe that the Patchouli was too much for my system. This is not an overly strong scent by any means, but when you deal with migraine issues, you have to be careful. Even though I couldn't wear this, I think it is a great scent). Highly Recommended

Perfume Spritzer

Coconut Island Castaway: Let me tell you, if Tom Hanks would have been stranded on this island, he wouldn’t have wanted to build that raft! A scent that blends real coconuts with beachy, suntan lotion type coconut scent for the perfect Coconut! (While this was a great scent in the sample vial, it turned on me once I received my Spritzer and used it. Not sure why, as I have used Coconut scents before. Again, I will blame body chemistry).

Creamy Coconut: A super creamy, fantasy coconut scent. This is what you imagine coconuts to smell like. A bestseller, this scent is fantastic! (This too was another great scent in the sample vial, but turned on me once on my skin. This is an amazing scent, and even though it didn't work on me, I would suggest this to anyone who loves a true coconut scent). Highly Recommended

Green Tea & Ginseng: A strong, true Green Tea scent with a tang of citrus. (I love this scent in the soap, but not so much on me in the Spritzer. There was something that didn't work with my body chemistry).

Relaxing: Vanilla, Lavender, Jasmine, and soft Musk all contribute to its deep and unique scent, but we've had people tell us they smell hints of Coconut or Chocolate in there too. (This scent, how can I explain it. I got a different scent than from the soap. This is a very unique scent and you can pick out the scents listed above). Highly Recommended

Spa Blend: This is a clean, sweet, and fresh blend of peach and citrus fruits as well as a hint of rose and orange blossom and the slight tang of fresh ginger. *Slightly sharper smelling in bath and body products compared to the scent in soap.* (The note that Ashlee metions about this being sharper than the soap is very true. I almost didn't like this when I sprayed it because there is such a difference compared to the soap. After a couple of uses, I started to really like this scent). Highly Recommended.

Sugared Citrus: Sugary sweet pink grapefruit blended with juicy bursting berries and a hint of vanilla create a very unique, sweet scent. (This was one that at first I didn't care for. I was expecting a much sweeter, grapefruit scent and the vanilla seemed to overpower, but I have since gotten use to this and love it). Highly Recommended

Summer Fling: All the best things of summer wrapped up into one clean, fresh scent. Raspberries, peaches, and summer florals await! (This is the perfect Summer scent. A great combination of scents. Very wearable and not overpowering). Highly Recommended

Silken Body Oil Dry Oil Spray

Tuscan Garden: One of the most unique and fresh scents we’ve come across in awhile. Imagine standing on a Mediterranean Vista with swirls of lush greens, sparkling fruits, Jasmine & Violets, and of course, Olive Blossoms surrounding you on a warm summer breeze. (This was a great scent in the bottle, but not so much on me. Again, body chemistry is a bitch).

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wylde Ivy - Soap Review

Wylde Ivy -

Oh the money I have spent through this etailer. I have tried so many of Ashlee's products that I honestly do not know how to do this review. I think because of the amount of different items I have purchased and tried, that I will break this review down into each individual proudct. The review will cover Bar Soap, Perfume (both the regular EDP, the new spritzer's, and body oil spray mist), body scrubs & body lotions, and tarts (or melts as they are called on the website).

Customer service with Ashlee is above and beyond, and turnaround time is very fast. This review will be devoted to Bar Soaps (categories include Wylde Ivy Classics, Deli Soaps, Spa Soaps, Soap samples, Castile Soaps, and All Natural soaps). I have not tried everything, but I have tried the majority of the soaps that Ashlee carries.

Below are the soaps that I have tried. While I have not had a soap of Ashlee's that I just didn't like, there are some that I will continue to use on a regular basis. They are all great scents, but there are some that I like more than others. The soaps that are in blue are highly recommended.

Blackberry Apple Sorbet Soap: A medley of Blackberries, Strawberries, Pears, and Apples whipped with a hint of light cream

Cucumber & Chamomile Soap: Back for another summer, our Cucumber & Chamomile soap is sweet, green, and refreshing. Made with real cucumbers with aloe added to the mix, this soap is cool and refreshing. This is one of my favorite soaps that Ashlee carries. It is very fresh and clean smelling (which I like). I highly recommend this soap.

African Vanilla Bean: This is a grown up and sophisticated vanilla blend. Sweet and creamy, but also subtle and well rounded this vanilla is sure to please. I also like this soap. Nice vanilla scent and very creamy.

Blackberry Cotton Candy: A sweet blend, Blackberry Cotton Candy is a strong and realistic berry scent with a smooth sweet background of Cotton Candy.

Celestial Sun Soap: As mysterious and rich as only the heavens could be. A sultry and exotic blend of Orange and Patchouli with the sweetness of exotic flowers.

Chocolate Fatale: If you love chocolate, this is the soap for you! Chocolate Fatale is all about rich, bitter, dark chocolate!

Creamy Coconut: Just how you imagine coconuts would smell! This scent is sweet, rich, and very creamy. This is a wonderful, amazing soap. Smells just like you imagine a coconut smelling.

Daydreamer: Sweet berries with a whisper of musk and clean floral notes, this is the scent of sweetness and innocence at it’s best.

Little Shop in Salem: We've captured the scent of incense, Patchouli, potions, and maybe even a little magic in this soap.

Oat ‘N Goat: This luxurious soap is packed full of good stuff with a scent that is sweet and soothing.

Raspberry Lemonade: This fragrance is so reminiscent of fresh squeezed lemonade your thirst will be quenched just by sniffing it! This is AMAZING. I really like this scent. Highly Recommended

Rosemary Mint: Exhilarating Rosemary and Peppermint will lift your spirits and clear your head. I love clean and fresh smelling scents, and this one is a good one. I highly recommend this soap.

Spa Blend: This is a clean, sweet, and fresh blend of peach and citrus fruits as well as a hint of rose and orange blossom and the slight tang of fresh ginger.

Summer Fling: Well, if you ever smelled a scent that made you want to pull on a sundress, kick off your shoes, and head to the beach, this would be it! Pure summery sweetness that lingers softly on your skin, this soap is fabulous!

Sweetgrass: This soap has an extraordinary freshness to its scent. It's bright, clean, and refreshing.

Blackberry Sage: Blackberry Sage is a very fresh and sophisticated blending of berries and soft herbs.

Green Tea & Ginseng: A true Green Tea scent with a slight hint of citrus.

As American As Apple Pie: Sweet, warm, Apple Crumb Pie with a side of homemade vanilla ice cream!

Ginger Zing: Warm, comforting ginger combined with the slight zest of Cranberries and Orange all with the smooth hint of Vanilla! Another favorite of mine. I hope that Ashlee never discontinues this scent. This is unavailable at this time because it is a seasonal soap. It will be back to purchase this fall. Highly Recommended

Orange Glazed Gingerbread: Scented of warm gingerbread, this soap has hints of a sweet orange glaze to make it truly unique.

Snowberry: A unique scent of sweet green berries, a whiff of ozone, and just a dash of delicate pine. Another great, amazing clean scented soap. Can you see the pattern? I Highly Recommend this soap as well.

Spiced Apples: A delightful spicy blend of sweet apples, baking spices, and a dash of down home goodness!